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5 steps to improve Airbnb ranking and become a Superhost, FAST!

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

There are tons of services out there that can improve the visibility of your rental property listing. We have made a compilation of some of the most cost-effective tools out there that can increase your Airbnb ranking in no time.

Here are the 5 steps to bring you closer to becoming an Airbnb Superhost:

Pricing - One of the most important factors in your ranking is having a competitive and up to date price. By constantly updating prices in your calendar based on the season, demand, and other factors, you should see a great improvement in your engagement with guests. PriceLabs is a great service that will automatically update your pricing every 24 hours based on the parameters you set. Click here to get a 30-day trial and $10 off your first paid month!

Description Keywords - Providing the right keywords to describe your rental is also crucial. Modify your listing slightly each day, to show Airbnb that your description is recent and up to date.

Photo Quality - Profiles with higher resolution photos get featured first. Airbnb allows pictures up to 20 MB, so call a local professional photographer if possible ASAP. It is worth the investment!

Response Time - Responding to inquiries quickly is extremely important to your ranking. Automated messages are a great way to ensure that you reply quickly and never miss an inquiry. Smartbnb is a great service that can respond to an inquiry immediately and in the same language that it was sent! Click here to start a free 14 day trial with Smartbnb.

Instant Book and Availability - Turning on "Instant Book' will also improve your listing's visibility. Also try making your place available for one-night stays until you accumulate enough of those 5-star reviews.

Implementing these 5 steps to your Airbnb listing will at least triple your views overnight. Once the reservations start rolling in, you should become an Airbnb Superhost in no time!

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